Mission at The First Presbyterian Church is local and global. With service projects, monthly special offerings, and hands-on ministry, FPC is sharing the love of God near and far! 


Monthly Mission Offering: Every month the Mission Committee choses a local or global ministry to support financially. Members of the church are encouraged to give as they are able, with funds being matched from the yearly operational budget. Some missions and ministries that we support are:

Loaves & Fishes of NWOK

CDSA of Enid

Enid Public School

Presbyterian Disaster Assistance

Solar Under The Sun

The Salvation Army of Enid

Dwight Mission Camp & Conference Center

FPC's After-School Tutoring Program

The Fund For Theological Education


Mission is more than money...


Loaves & Fishes: FPC is proud to support Loaves & Fishes, the client-choice food bank based in Enid that serves Northwest Oklahoma. From the start, when Loaves & Fishes had their office at FPC, members of the congregation have served this vital ministry with their time, energy, and financial support. Every year FPC sponsors "Family Volunteering Day" which helps Loaves & Fishes with tasks like organization, cleaning, restocking, and facilties upkeep. 


Enid Community Clinic: Presbyterians love food, and we are happy to support the Enid Community Clinic with a monthly meal for their volunteer staff. Even though we are not medically trained, we make sure the medical staff is well-fed! 


Wednesday Tutoring: Each Wednesday during the school year tutors from many places in Enid gather at FPC to spend one-on-one time with a student from McKinley Elementary School. This program is going into its 18th year! This program provides children with needed study time and the ability to have a mentor who is interested in character and academic development. 


These are just a few ways The First Presbyterian Church serves the community and the world.

If you are interested in being involved, contact the church office today!